About Us

Zullinger Community Center

Officers and Board of Directors
President & BOD: Doug Zody
Vice President & BOD:Tom Lark
Secretary & BOD:Crystal Shockey
Asst. Secretary & BOD:Lori Morrow
Treasurer & BOD:Tim Morrow
Asst. Treasurer & BOD:Tom Henicle
BOD:Brian Eyeler
BOD:Donald Zody
BOD:Steve Ralston
BOD:Dustin Kennedy
BOD:Steve Ralston
BOD:Forest Cartwright
BOD:Lauren Zody

Board of Director meetings are held the second Wednesday of each odd number month (Jan. March, May, July, Sept., Nov.) at 6:30pm at the community center.

The General Membership meeting will be combined with the BOD meeting on the second Wednesday in March and will begin at 6:30pm.  Residents of Zullinger and Washington Township are invited and encouraged to attend.

The Zullinger Community Center is intended for the use and service of the surrounding community. Located just off of Route 16 west of Waynesboro and just 4 miles east of Interstate 81, the community center offers a family oriented place for many events. The community center is managed by a Board of Directors who meets the second Tuesday of every other month. The BOD members are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the community center is kept in working order for rentals, generate funds through rental fees and fundraisers to keep the building running, and to organize and hold various free community activities including an Easter Egg hunt and Halloween Party for children and families of the surrounding community.

Zullinger Community Center is always looking for community members who are willing to serve as BOD members and continue the success of this community center. If you are interested in becoming a BOD member, please contact us or talk with a BOD member.

ZCC BOD has developed a constitution and by-laws that ZCC must operate under. One of those by-laws is that the Community Center and the grounds are alcohol free areas. Renters violating this by-law are subject to immediate removal from the grounds and being banned from any future rentals. The ZCC BOD is continually looking to improve the center to meet the changing needs of the community. Please see our amenities page for some of our recent improvements.